Motor not spinng and esc not beeping

i have assambled a f450 x quad with 4 propellers
the f4 board and esp32 take power from 2 esc (simon k) when the quad is armed 2 motor spins auther two not spinns and esc not beeps

all the motor spinns in mission planner-> motor test and calibraited well

u can temrarly fix it by powering board fist after
some sec then turn on esc
do every time u fly

Hey @Amal_X
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Have you calibrated all your sensors? If your motors work from motor test tab and not when you arm, then it’s gyro calibration issue. Have you calibrated your ESCs? Share pictures of setup for more suggestions.

tnx for responding
calibration all good
this issu can be fixed by powering the filght cantroller first after some second power on the
esc then the drone fly
but still dont know why it dont work when i connect battery all together

Share details of your setup with a picture.