Motor Imbalance Copter 3.6.11

I’m testing a quad and I have some issues with motor balance:
Test: Motor Balance = FAIL - Motor channel averages = [1422, 1418, 1610, 1657]
Average motor output = 1526
Difference between min and max motor averages = 239

RCOU C1 and C2 are pretty similar and C3 and C4 too. But there is a difference between C1/C2 and C3/C4.
Motor 3 and 4 are hotter than 1 and 2.

I tried to calibrate ESC but the problem continues. Props are balanced and CoG it’s ok.

Thanks in advance.

Motors 1 and 2 are counter clockwise, and M3 and M4 are clockwise, therefore there’s a yaw imbalance that the flight controller is fighting. Look for twisted motor mounts, especially if using round tube arms, or even flexing or bent arms.
You have to get the motors and props perfectly aligned on a plane.


Thanks for your reply!.

The problem is a BAD QUALITY Frame, bad quality doesnt mean cheap.
I recommend not to buy a TMOTOR T-Drone. I know there are some twisted motors (1 more than the others), but motors are attached to frame by screws and glued!!! I can’t aligned it.
It’s a 3K€ frame and motor propulsion with very poor quality.

Some recommendation…
Thanks again!

Got a photo? Even if it’s just so we know what frame to avoid. I wonder if it’s a cheap copy since you’d normally expect genuine T Motor stuff to be of high quality.

For whatever reason this problem has cropped up several times recently. The only fix is to re-align the motors. If that’s not possible, which has been the case with some others, I don’t know what to suggest other than a new frame. It’s those pesky round arms…

It looks like this?


So those arms are removeable? If so what about getting rid of that feature and fix them rigid? Put some nice JB Weld on those expensive arms :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks again!
The model is an M1000, not de M690. Arms are foldable but not removable.
And arms are not tube. I attached some photos.
Cabin cover is awful. Bad materials…

Looks like a tube but in any case can’t you rotate the motor mounts on the arms?

M1000 mount

Tubes are glued to the motor support :sleepy:. A brilliant idea!

These are not supposed to glued. The alignment screw has to mounted on jig before making hole. Wonder why they glued it. Have you raised a issue with them?

I bought to a T-Motor distributor who doesn’t have experience in this frame and they defraud me (they not send me never any documentation and send me wrong datasheets). But I have many issues, not only this, but they never solves it. All problems, I solved by myself with hard work.

This is the reason to not recommend this frame.

Propulsion system includes good motors (7005 230kV), props (CF 24inches Tmotor) and I dont have information about ESC because…nobody can answer about it. Awesome. xD
Thanks for your reply!

7005 230KV can run Alpha 40A ESC. Just mention that you are using it for this particular motor before placing order. They’ll set the firmware for the motor and send.

I agree with you, usually 7005 mounts Alpha 40A LV, but not in this case. ESCs are integrated in motor support, and the tube diameter is 25mm, that this is not enaugh to install Alpha inside arms.
ESCs are programmed before send with 7005 230kV firmware, but I dont want to program again. I need calibrate ESCs.