Motor failure crash on a hexacopter?

Has 3.6 had any update to how a motor failure on a hexacopter is managed? I’m linking this to a question I posted back in 2017 on Copter 3.5. I am hoping to build a 30kg max take off mass hexacopter but only if I know for sure that the Pixhawk Cube can deal with a motor failure. Thanks for any advice.

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Hey @Carapau,
Arducopter deals good with motor failure on Hexa/Octacopter given you have good thrust to weight ratio and assign switch for simple/super simple mode incase copter starts to spin due to torque imbalance.

Thanks for this. My experience has been very different. As you can see from my first post on 3.5 it didn’t handle the motor failure well at all.
Have there been any changes/updates in 3.6?

No, not in 3.6. Master branch (will be 3.7) does take care of this.