Motor/ESC not calibrating and connecting

Hello all, Im using the Pixhawk 2.4.8 with the FS-iA6b controller. Radio calibration is working but when I try to use ESC calibration or Motor Test on mission planner the motors do not actually run. I have it set to PPM and Sbus and this is the schematic I have. I would appreciate any and all help!

Are you pressing the safety switch for the motor tests?
You can disable it with
and that’s usually a good idea anyway.

The switch doesn’t even flash. Where do I type that line of code in?

Actually I found it in the parameters but it was already disabled. Mission Planner reads Battery Failsafe which doesn’t make any sense.

OK, connect to MissionPlanner / Mandatory… / Initial Parameters
Put in your prop size and battery cell count (pick chemistry too if not LiPo)
Also select the “Suggested settiing”
then accept everything it offers.

This will put in place some appropriate values.

You shouldnt get a battery failsafe warning if the battery is connected and charged (or at least storage charge) for doing the motor tests.