Motor driver name?

Very good question. @rmackay9

Its irrelevant. We are trying to be generic and not dictate what people should be using. Its any controller you choose to use. Could be an ESC for brushless or a brushed controller. For clarity in this case its one of these

Thanks, Grant.

@grant, yes it is compatible with many, many controllers… but it would be nice to have a small list of known working boards.

Something like:

ArduRover outputs simple traditional servo PWM signals to control the motors speed. There are many existing motor driver boards that accept these PWM signals and control the speed of brushed or bruschless motors. Here is a small list of know compatible motor driver boards:

Are there any other drivers that could be recommended that are more affordable? Everything on my build was going smoothly until I got to the esc portion. I bought a turnigy 20a esc for a brushed motor but cannot get it to calibrate. I am using Pixhawk. Pic below of the motor controller.

@jrbass Did you ever get that resolved?

I’ve had only 50/50 luck with brushless ESCs and now looking for some brushed so even more worried… but I cannot find a cononical list of what brands are functional with PH…

I was looking at the Turnigy brushed (someone on FB mentioned using them) but your post has me concerned…?

@r4space1 Hey, yes I did for the most part. I did a lot of digging about these I mentioned in my comment and found that they were primarily used for drones or ‘flying’ builds. I can’t remember exactly why (a while back), but after that I bought a different brand of controller and it worked well. I think it really comes down to how much you want to spend…Mine at the time was for a school project, so I didn’t spend that much money.

Thanks. Do you remember what you did get working in the end?

Seems like 90% of the community is using setups that cost $150+ which seems excessive

Hello. Did you make work on pixhawk this Esc? If possible pics. Thanks!