Motor cuts out when autotune engaged

Trying to run an autotune of my shyhunter but when i switch into autotune from FBWA the motor cuts out. It will restart when switched back to FBWA. Has anyone got any ideas what this could be.

Running on a pixhawk cube black flashed to the latest version through mission planner.


Do you have an onboard log for that flight?

Says its too big to upload here. This link to google drive should work

Looking in the logs in more detail switching into autotune seems to of activated EV:MOTORS_EMERGENCY_STOP
Any ideas what could of caused this

RC transmitter switch config error, or check all your RC Options params for a conflict.
EDIT: I’ll check the log

RC channel 6 is your problem, it’s set as both Flight Mode channel and Emergency stop via RC6_OPTION,31
Move the estop function to another channel and test on the ground before flying.

Thanks that makes sense i’ll change that and test