Motor Controllers that go with PixHawk 4

I am currently trying to assemble a rover using PixHawk 4 and Mission Planner. I have 12V DC Brushed motors (non ESC) that I want to control the motors’ direction and speed with using a motor controller (preferably L298N or something similar, if not, I would like to know the Motor Controllers that work best with it). I want to use SKID steering and am having trouble figuring out the relays, servo motors, and all of the configurations; I couldn’t even get the motor test to work and have them move. I reviewed the pinouts and it was very confusing with the FMU pins and the I/O pins. Can anybody help me with this configuration so I can at least get the motors to move forward and backward?

I’ve been reading about this in the past few days.
It seems that L298N requires two pins per motor, and Ardupilot supports only 2 of those.
If you can use 2 channels total, that should be OK.
look here

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