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Motor arming issue

(Eric lyon) #1

Ok I am building a octocopter with a pixhawk 4 autopilot fc. I’m running in to a issue with motors not arming or turning. I’m using tmotor flame 70a esc and brother hobby t7 motors. There is no motor spin up so not sure if it’s a communication thing. Ideas??

(James Pattison) #2

Probably just needs to have the pwm range set.
Check out this page:

(Fred Robinson) #3

Have you tried doing a motor test in Mission Planner? Are you running GPS?

(Eric lyon) #4

I have tried that command is denied by autopilot

(Eric lyon) #5

My radio is set from 999 too 2005 pwm

(Fred Robinson) #6

The command is denied because you didn’t press the safety button on the GPS, and that would explain why you can’t arm

(Fred Robinson) #7

Follow this guide before you try to spin up the motors or unexpected things could happen.

(Fred Robinson) #8

Sounds like you haven’t done a ESC calibration yet and I’m betting you haven’t done a radio calibration either?

(Eric lyon) #9

I programmed the esc separately from pixhawk cuz I’m using tmotor flames. Radio calibration was done and is working fine. There is no safty switch on the pixhawk 4 autopilot

(Eric lyon) #10

Ya on this pixhawk 4 autopilot there is no safty switch and no where to even plug in like the older one. Radio works fine it knows when throttle is being applied cuz FC beep soon as it is applied and changes modes

(James Pattison) #11

The safety switch on a PH4 is one of the LED’s on the GPS.

(Eric lyon) #12

Ok I will look at that. All the info I pull up is for the pixhawk 3

(Eric lyon) #13

Ya the tmotor esc just run pwm is there a modes tab for using a switch for arming or do I need to make a mix on the radio?

(Eric lyon) #14

I use safty switch and motors just beep constantly when Battery is pluged in. I can’t calibrate esc using the configurator. I’m using the pixhawk 4 autopilot but running a different distribution board with the autopilot’s brake out board as well. Should I connect everything straight to the pixhawk distribution board?

(James Pattison) #15

The fewer components in the system, the easier it is to narrow down problems :slight_smile:

(Eric lyon) #16

Ok would this be a issue putting two 12000mah 6s pack straight here?

(James Pattison) #17

No, that’s fine. As per one of the earlier responses, please follow the setup guide. Make sure your servo min values enable your escs to arm.

(Eric lyon) #18

Ya there from 1000min and 2000max

(Eric lyon) #19

Ya I can’t do the esc calibration in this configurator. Motors just always beep soon as you power them up

(Eric lyon) #20

When I try motor test just says error communicating with the autopilot motor 1