Motor arm sequence dev

i’m trying to make a new arming sequence for motors.
What i understand by sequence is that i would like to spool up the motors not at the same time but in a specific order.

I’m trying to figure out how to do it and it think it should be done on the library AP_MOTORS.
Probably in the AP_MotorsMulticopter.cpp line 452 (SPOOL_UP).
The thing is i can see _throttle_thrust_max getting bigger until the spool mode goes to UNLIMITED.

Am I right about that?
If yes, how could i for example, spin up motor 1, then spin up motor 2, etc…I got how the motor test goes but i’m looking to be able to fly after all the motors went to spin arm set.

I just need a little help to get going. (not the full code) :wink: