Motor (1+3) Heating

Hey there,

I am flying with a quadcopter with:

  • T-motor
  • Pixhawk cube (orange) flight controller

I have some issues with the temperature of the clockwise direction motors (motor 1 and 3). They get more temperature than the other motors.

I checked the vibration and tuning on mission planner and everything looks fine.

Any idea what is going on?

Thanks in advance!!!

Post a link to a .bin flight log but it’s most likely from a Yaw bias due to the motors not being level. Twisted motor mounts, distorted frame etc.

I’ll guess that it has round arms?

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Please make sure that your ESCs are calibrated first individually and then using Mission Planner, sometimes heating occurs due to lack of synchro between throttle values and esc response. You can check some videos for esc calibration or ping me. Hope this helps.

Thanks Dave and John. I’ve already send you a link with the .bin log.

I was checking with another drone (same hardware and parameters) just changing the propellers and I think is because the new t-motors gen 3. With the older propellers the engines did not heat up.


What do you mean about round arms?

Kind of self explanatory isn’t it? Round arms where there is no reference flat feature for the motor mounts or frame attachement.

One example:

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25-06-2021 13-10-56.bin.log

You will have to use an open Cloud site (Dropbox, etc.). Sharepoint is not going to work.

Exactly this type of frame is what the drone has.