MOT_THST_EXPO for T-Motor Alpha ESC's

I’ve noticed a fair bit of discussion about Tmotor Alphs esc’s having a corrected linear thrust curve. Thus requiring a lower MOT_THST_EXP value. I’m running U8II motors, 12s and Alpha 60HV escs. But unknown to me there’s a new initial setup function in Mission planner that helps estimate MOT_THST_EXP. But it asks if you’re using Tmotor Flame esc’s, there’s nothing about the Alpha units. Is it just the Flame’s that require a lower value? Man, asking Tmotor is like pulling teeth. Then when you finally get a response it’s super cryptic and vague lol!

We think the Alpha ESCs should use the calculated MOT_THST_EXPO from in MissionPlanner/Initial Parameters (based on your prop size)

You can manually adjust it after you’ve got reasonably stable flight using these rules:

  • set too high you can see instability at low throttle
  • set too low you can see instability at high throttle

If you’ve already Autotuned and have to change MOT_THST_EXPO much you wouldneed to run Autotune again.

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