MOT_HOVER_LEARN set to Learn and Save, does it work in all modes?

As the title suggests, I’m curious whether the ‘learn and save’ function also works if im flying in stabilise mode or only if im using alt hold/pos hold/loiter etc

All modes accept Stabilize and Acro.

I have a spray drone that I have been tuning and working on using the Pixhawk Cube Black and it has been going well. I did the mot_thst_hover and mot_hover_learn set to learn and save while the drone was half filled with water and mot_thst_hover came out to be @ .3. It seems to be working well. The drone I am using will start with 25 lbs and empty that in about 10 mins so I did all my tuning at half full. Do I now turn the mot_thst_learn to disabled or do I always leave it to learn and save? Thank you.

I am running Copter 4.0.3. When it is empty the mot_thst_hover will go to @ .2. Just a little confused on what to do with mot_hover_learn once I keep flying missions. Do I do the mot_thst_hover at half full and disable mot_hover_learn once it is saved? Thank you.

You just leave it set to learn and save. The hover learn adapts very quickly.

Great…thank you Shawn.

And @xfacta assuming you wanted to assign a takeoff button to make life easier. You would be using GPS/Baro and it could take off to a predetermined height and then run mot_hover_learn on the fly subsequently as the UAV depletes spray payload it would adjust mot_hover actively?