Most Efficient motor for 11-13" props?

Hey all! I’m building a search and rescue rig. What are the most efficient motors you’ve found for spinning 11 to 13" props? Currently I’m using BH avenger 2812 600kv and am getting about 12a in a hover on 13" props. I’m open to any suggestions and ideas! Currently close to an hour of flight time, and I want to make it there!

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a lot of infos are missing here. cellount, what battery type, what weight, what motor count, configuration etc.

You can try and play with different options.

T-Motor MN3508-380Kv on 6S:

I thought I had it down, but this guy has it right…

It’s an X4 with a 6s 10.5ah Li-Ion. AUW of about 2290g.