Most accurate GPS unit

Could anyone please tell me what some of the most accurate GPS units available for pixhawk would be? Thanks!


Thanks! I’ll look into it. Appreciate it.

Septention Asterx GPS

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Ublox F9P, look which chipset is present …
Definitely not asterx :-/ no comment on all here revision. This forum is often affected by business …

Sorry but this is total nonsense.

To call any of the GPS units junk outside of the cheap CN clones is just wrong. The Here series are far from being Junk and are used by thousands of users every day

As for whats most accurate well that is a complicated question, for starters even if you look at models with all the same chipset each manufacture can adjust the firmware to make it look like their GPS picks up more stats than others. This does not mean its more accurate though, whats important is usable satellites and not just sat count.

I have about 8 GPS units on the bench right now from Here 1,2 and 3, CUAV, DJI and others and they are all decent, there Here 2 has been solid for me in all my builds both personal and for others, there Here series is what I always recommend and in my tests generally provides to be the most sensitive overall.

You also wont go wrong with a unit from CUAV in my experience either but again I choose the Here for my builds.

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Totally agree. And one more thing, Here+ is 100% compatible with RTK. Just in case if you want more accuracy, easy to upgrade.

If you are concerned with accuracy then you should be looking to spend as much again on an antenna as you do with the GNSS module.

Thank you I appreciate the feedback

You want to start here:


Even if RTK is more than you are looking for, the GPSes that are recommended are a good place to start.

Hi John,
what precision is needed? Is it for photogrammetry? Do you want to work with RTK or GCPs, or both?
We developed a system based on Unicore dual frequency GNSS boards and reached submeter precision (± 15cm) with EGNOS here in EU without the need of GCPs or RTK.
We are also interested in Ublox F9P, but we have not tested it.