More than one rangefinders on I2C

Tell me please.
I want to use 5 sensors like VL53L1X or GY-US42 on the second I2C bus of the Matek H743-Slim controller.
An internal barometer is already connected to it.
Sensors with a controller will set the addressing automatically? Or they first need to configure the addressing themselves?

For example, you can modify Benewake TFMini’s I2C addresses.

VL53L sensors dont have memory, so you need to set their address at each startup.
To do so, you have to deactivate (Xshunt) devices with a GPIO and sequentially set the specific adress of each one.

I built a POC using an arduino a few years ago:

Yea you can do that. I set like 2 sensor once all connected to IC2. You need to set the address like 102, 103 etc on your rangefinder and then on the parameters. After that set the direction as well. Just read the documentation it explains the things you need to set.

@Tsohee is referring to VL53L type , they work differently.