More peripherals and less serial ports available

Now I want to connect following peripherals on serial ports:

  1. Telemetry GSC
  2. OSD
  3. FrSky Telemetry
  4. Storm32 Controller
  5. Companion Computer
  6. 360 lidar
  7. Downward facing Lidar

So, I can cut off the Frsky telemetry and storm32 controller but still, I left with 1 unplugged. I read somewhere that you can combine telemetry modules in one port with parallel connections? If yes how can I do that?
and if no, is there any way to solve this problem?

Thank you

You forgot your GPS!

Thats why Devs released the the AP_Peripheral / CAN Converter for boards like mRo CAN Node or Jdrones
were you can hookup your old devices to a CAN port!!

Only a few supported at the moment, but as you may know, thinks running real fast here


Thank you so much for the reply.

No actually, I said even after cutting off those 2 options, I have 5 peripherals and 4 Serial ports (1 considered for GPS :stuck_out_tongue: )
Do you mean converting RS232 to CAN?
Can you provide a link to that info?

There you go!

Hi, just a note: telemetry and osd can share same cable like this

Wow, I will surely try it. Can I use it with 3 parallel devices? All telemetry

As long as the load on the signal is not too great and none of the devices needs a Tx line there should not be a limit.