More budget friendly cube orange alternative?

Every day someone is using the Custom Firmware Builder to delete and add features to squeeze Ardupilot onto a 1Mb flash board. For someone buying a new Flight Controller future proofing would seem wise. And processing power for the Dynamic Notch Filter perhaps is a consideration. We now have 2 configurable Notch filters, FFT processing, triple notches…


Mro flight controllers are good as also holybro.
Due chips shortage all manufacturers suffer.

I’m not disputing that I have Mro Flight Controllers. I’m simply suggesting that I don’t think they fit the “more budget friendly” topic this thread is about.

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Your reply clearly backed up my statement I find there are newer FC that outdate orange cube. Furthermore I stated 3 points doesn’t mean only 3 points, neither does it mean all 3 points together on the said FC.

Ok, look, dude, this is unproductive. Here are the facts:

At the same price point, you’d be hard pressed to get an autopilot that outperforms the Cube Orange. You’d simply be trading a few features one way or another, which is reason enough to explore options outside the Cube ecosystem

At a higher price point, you can get higher quality sensors, but the functionality, processing power, and memory remain nearly identical.

BACK ON TOPIC: There are a handful of outstanding H743-based, feature rich autopilots that cost a fraction of the Cube. CUAV offers none of them.


My reply didn’t exactly says Cauv is cheap. It’s more for if you have the budget.
I place a few examples like pixhawk 6 and cauv. I don’t get whats the hard on about cauv here.

i think that there are not so many option for budget a flight controller aside a clones of the pixhawk… matek and other boards.

In my opinion it’s because of the flash. Too many features (including interesting plane features) are being dropped on boards with not enough flash, pretty well summarized by @dkemxr . It would be great if you could create an FC with > 2M of flash, but in the meantime the H7 is required.

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One more point. There have been F4 processor FC’s with 2M flash, PixRacer for example. But on one multirotor I have with dated ESC’s that’s running In-flight FFT referenced notch the processor load is quite high.

@geofrancis Well dear Geofrancis, I guess my post had utterly confuses you. Maybe if you read again my reply, I mentioned Pixhawk 6. Which is cheaper than Orange cube and a newer version last time I check. It even comes with a 6C which is a smaller one which of course since you want to be precise, 6X is a full size FC just like orange cube. I understand english might not be easily understood in your case. Or whoever.

Firstly pointing that my friendly input on cauv is not better than orange cube.
Then goes about ranting points I listed doesn’t ALL fit cauv?
Then my reply aren’t fitting to the question?
Gosh… Who is confused here? Maybe I am after reading all the replies on my comment leading to no where. If you find my input useless, by all means leave it for someone whom needs it. Maybe someone else aren’t as confused as you are.


I mean the Chinese clone F4 chips, which will have higher main frequency and larger memory at the same level of processors than ST. For example, GD and CKS have the same level as STM32F4, the former has main frequency up to 200MHz and provides 3M flash model chip, while the latter has an additional 128KB of RAM than ST. However, their registers are consistent with ST’s. More Chinese chip manufacturers have joined ARM chip series. I have tested at least 10 similar chips. Most of them can run directly currently hex firmware.

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Sorry, I changed the autopilot budget to the chip’s channel. :grin:

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Unfortunately although the PixRacer has 2M flash, it only has 256K RAM, so you pretty much can’t run any interesting Lua scripts on it (I have one).
For example, the aerobatics Lua scripts recommend SCR_HEAP_SIZE = 200,000 which can’t be done on a PixRacer.

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That’s very interesting 3M flash would be great, although 4 would be better. When you say ‘additional 128k RAM’ - what is the total? I’d want at least 1M.

Qio-Tek has shipped our new bonus cable pack to you.

It includes a selection of 4P and 6P cables in GH and SH combinations that (hopefully) will allow you to connect to most standard peripherals.
Please provide feedback when you get them.

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TU @timtuxworth ! Will let you know upon arrival. I’ll probably be ordering a second
FC in a few days…John Highly appreciated!

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in 3dxr uk, there is always in stock bundles of cube orange/here 3 about 600€ ship in to eu

Hey Tim, received the flight controller today, haven’t had time to look through all the supplied cables , but wow there is a lot of them ! . Will let you know how I make out with it. Cheers

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Thanks for letting me know Ron. We wanted to make sure that you have as many cable options as you might need. Any feedback gratefully received.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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I have one on a new build, next i would like to try the H7…