MNT2 Settings Missing

I loaded 3.6-RC11/Chibios today on one of my frames and noticed that all of the settings for the second gimbal (MNT2) are not available. Is this something that will be returned when 3.6 is officially released? It makes things much easier for those of us that use multiple cameras.

Also would it be possible to increase this in case someone wanted to run even more gimbals? MNT3 or higher?


We weren’t planning on supporting two mounts by default in 3.6 - it is available as a “compile time option” meaning that if you change this line in the code and recompile it, two mounts should work. This is the definition that must be changed from “1” to “2”.

AP hasn’t supported 2 mounts by default for a very long time… at least 4 years. I wonder if perhaps you’ve been using a custom version of the code or perhaps upgrading from a very old firmware?

Anyway, one other user has asked we support multiple mounts by default… but I’d like to ensure our support is good before doing that.

Thank you for the information sir. Just out of curiosity if this number was changed to 3 would it support three mounts?

Also will Mission Planner pick up on this and show multiple mounts in the optional hardware section?


I’m afraid the maximum is 2. The MP won’t allow the setup of the 2nd mount I think so you’d need to set it up using the Full Parameter List or Full Parameter Tree. There are other limitations of the 2nd mount as well. For example, I suspect it’s not possible to send a DO_SET_ROI command to the 2nd mount. These are the types of features I’d want to check work before enabling the 2nd mount by default.

No worries I got it all figured out and working. I use the camera gimbal settings for MNT to control a 9g servo attached to a small FPV camera for tilt. I then just used the built in controller on the Gimbals (Tarot TL2D01’s) to stabilize the cameras. I have one facing forward and one backwards. I plan to use the DO_SET_ROI feature but only with the front camera. The back facing camera is just there to capture anything extra. I know that some of the MP camera features/commands are not going to work exactly right since it only knows about the FPV camera but I can deal with that. I did set two radial knobs on my remote to control the tilt of each camera by just mapping the RC channel using the ServoX_Function.

All in all everything seems to be working correctly so hats off to you guys!!
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