MNT_STAB_ROLL enable cause board refuse working when tilting

i had this same problem, i thought it was to do with enabling ekf 3 but now that i think about it, its went away now that im using the rc pass through instead of gimbal function.

pixhawk lite running 3.5rc1

Hello George, first I thought it’s a Hardware fault.
Probably something to do with new servo parameter and missing limitation of signal output. I disable the gimbal for savety. Don’t know what would happen during Flight.

I was using it to control a brushless gimbal so I have just set it to pass through and it’s fine but there is defiantly something broken in 3.5rc1

Thanks for the reports, I’ll be investigating this issue this week.


This was a very nasty bug that you uncovered so thank you very much!!

Tridge and I got to the bottom of it just now and have pushed a couple of patches to “master” to fix the issue. These will go out within the next couple of days with AC3.5-rc2. The bug was in our one-shot output handling code - a part of the feature that was meant to avoid PWM pulses going out too close together.

The way the bug could happen was:

  • enable one-shot output
  • send a very large PWM output (many thousands)

There was a also missing constraint in our mount code that was allowing these large PWM outputs when you rolled the board over. We’ve added in a constraint to fix this too.

By the way, this bug is not specific to the AUAV boards - any pixhawk like board could be affected. So far, we can’t reproduce the issue in AC3.4.

Again, thanks very much!

Thanks a lot to you and the team for the good work. It’s the best system I have flown. (had Arducopter and MicroCopter)
Want to mention that oneshot-125 with UltraESC working fine with no problems.
looking forward to rc2