Mixing/Combine Steering Channels - 4 wheel steering (4WS)

I have a pixhawk 2.1 cube im trying to control 4WS with. Im using the futaba 4PX transmitter which has 4WS mixing setup between two seperate channels controlled with one button to toggle the 4WS setup, which is very useful. On the pixhawk side I have the “Roll” and “Pitch” channels on the two futaba 4WS mixed channels, but the pixhawk only allows you to assign either the roll or the pitch channel for steering. I was wondering if there is a way to mix two channels for the steering function on the pixhawk…

Skid steering effectively does mixing of throttle and steering. But that’s not 4WS. How is your vehicle setup? Are there separate servo’s for each wheel to steer? Or a front and back server for steering? Do the wheels each have a motor?

Thanks, Grant.

One servo for the front, one servo for the rear. 4WD with one motor/trans in the middle. Skid steering doesnt seem like it will work. I read your post from here and will be investigating this option tonight:


_Sorry for the delay but the great news is this already works! Here’s how.
Plug your 2nd, 3rd and 4th steering servo’s into the pixhawk channel’s 5,6 and 7. Then set RCn_FUNCTION to 26 (ground steering) for each of those channels. So
And now when you move the steering stick you should see those servo’s move!
If they move in the wrong direction - say the one on channel 6 was moving in the wrong direction - then just reverse that channel by setting RC6_REV to -1. If its already -1 for some reason just set it to 1.

It looks like by changing RC5 to value 26, the steering servo seems to go to neutral and sounds like its powered. But no feed back. I only get steering feedback out of pin 4 for the dedicated steering. If this doesnt work I guess ill have to order a servo reverse module and just split them off pin 4…