MissionPlanner.MainV2.comPort.MAV.cs.TrackerLocation.Alt interpretation?


This video:

shows a mission loaded and a script showing
continuously. No vehicle connection.

Initially that Alt appears 0.0 as indicated here.

When Tracker Home -> Set Here it changes to 48m, which is the Home altitude above sea level.

When Tracker is moved slightly, it changes to -2.0m, difficult to interpret. Is it a “barometer reading”?

Is all above intended behaviour?

would adding a option to specify an alt help?

Definitely yes, at Tracker Home -> Set Here; tracker alt should be set relative to Home.

Alt = MainV2.comPort.MAV.cs.HomeAlt
is good for copter (almost exact with tracker on tripod): tracker and vehicle starting at same level. This works well in the real case:

But for rover, with tracker higher than it on podium, tracker would be above the rover, and now there is no way to specify this. For SITL I have solved it running:

alt = MissionPlanner.MainV2.comPort.MAV.cs.TrackerLocation.Alt+4
MissionPlanner.MainV2.comPort.MAV.cs.TrackerLocation.Alt = alt

Another great help would be servo pulse widths (AZtoMAV/ELtoMAV) being sent to the Maestro right after GPS lock, so as to:

new beta going out now that will ask for the tracker ASL alt.

so you will need to calculate the ASL alt based on your home alt. it will default to home alt, but can be changed as required.

I see in the code
...InputBox.Show("Tracker Alt", "Enter tracker ASL alt", ref alt)...
but I can’t find how that code can be executed, so I continue modifying TrackerLocation.Alt as appears above.

MP 1.3.7864.20830.

The option to define tracker altitude is present in MP osx version #497 (on which, BTW, I continue not hearing any sound). I’ve never seen it in MP Windows versions up to 1.3.7990.37522, so I have continued using a script.