MissionPlanner does not display properly in Linux Mint 21.1

I have been bouncing from GCS apps, and tried using MissionPlanner because it is so much easier to use. Unfortunately it does not seem to like to run smoothly in Linux.
using sudo mono MissionPlanner.exe, it runs however when the list of parameters are pulled up, it just looks like a spreadsheet is not properly formatted. See below,
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Sadly I’m running into the same issues. I’m on PopOS right now, and I’ve tried Ubuntu. All the same issues. Too bad really, because it’s running very well now on linux using Mono.

I know this isn’t what Linux aficionados (an affliction from which I, too, sometimes suffer) want to hear, but it may be best to procure a Windows machine to smooth your journey with ArduPilot. Even a cheap Surface Pro tablet can be turned into a reasonably decent GCS with ease.

For me, constantly battling compatibility issues with Linux isn’t part of this adventure. For those so motivated, good luck…it is possible, just not my brand of fun.

My apologies for the opinion rather than specific help. But maybe it’ll help others who are considering this path.

Well, I’ve been battling those issues for the past few years now. (Kubuntu)
Found always one or two component not working as should under Linux. In the latest version the Quick view tab doesn’t display anything, whilst on some past versions it did. - see screenshot.
Also had issues with voice not working in some versions.
I used to run it under Wine up to version 72 . It mostly worked fine there but since changes been made and it now relies on Mono those issues keep creeping up.

Just tested it using Wine, but whilst quick view tab appears it doesn’t connect using USB.

So for me I mostly just use QGroundControl as I refuse to have Windows on any of my computers…but that’s just me.

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QgroundControl. I’m getting used to it. I still prefer Mission Planner, but I will concede it works on Linux. And Mac. And even windows. I wish they still supported the iPad version.

MavProxy. Really getting into the weeds but when all else fails, it will work on Linux. But mostly I use this for MavExplorer. By far my favorite log viewer. I even install MavProxy on my windows computer so I can run MavExplorer. and Magfit.

There’s options.

the issue apears to be something about font size.

do you have scaling turn on on that monitor?

For me it seems to start fine, but if I scroll, search, or select anything from the tree then the view goes away. And I can’t seem to resize it.

In my case I’ve just checked on two different computers running the same OS (Kubuntu 22.04)
One computer has got a Nvidia card and hence figured may be worth comparing, but both computers have same issues.
Both computers have display scaling at standard 100% setting. One has the default font size slightly increased.

a) As Gustavo mentioned: Parameter list hard to read es lines overlap.
b) Quick Tab not displaying anything (except it did work in version 77) - see screenshot
c) Some of the other tabs like the Action tab have also lines overlapping


can you try
export MONO_MWF_SCALING=disable

Just tried it on PopOs. No changes.

I also found no change in Kubuntu 22.04

I’ve just loaded full parameter list from file and it displayed perfectly on two of my computers.

  • Scroll, search all good.
    (Quick view tab still same problem)

…Maybe needed a restart after applying Michael’s command. But will try and see what happens when downloaded from FC instead of opening from file.

I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and see what happens. (wrong computer right now)

It’s scrolls okay, but if I click on a parameter as if to edit it, then the view shifts again and I can’t see the names.

do you guys have any method i could replicate this?

ie VirtualBox, vagrant etc etc?

Pop!os in Virtual box will have the errors. I’m running a recent build of everything, within the last two weeks in the case.

I been testing this on computers which have Linux installed as the main OS.
Bit have a copy of Kubuntu as a Vritualbox OS as well. …but unfortunately outdated and as such easier installing a flavour of Linux from an ISO file probably easier.
Also not certain if that would help as the graphics within Virtualbox are based on Virtualbox’s SVGA system - not native.

I can’t reproduce that same issue on my system.
In fact I can move the columns left to right as one would expect it to work. - No messing up of fonts or any other problem. ( Tested on computer with NVIDA graphics card)
(Not mentioning the Quick view tab)

Just a note on the side which may explain the differences in display behaviour between the different flavours ( or it may be entirely useless to you - but just a thought):

Ubuntu and Kubuntu (also some other distros) have changed from using XOrg display server to Wayland as of version 22.04.
Whilst PopOS is still using XOrg in their distro.

this is a laptop that I purchased several years ago. it came with a 4K resolution display. So I think perhaps that may be causing the scaling issue. I tried changing the resolution to different sizes and adjusting the text size, without success…