Mission restarts mid flight, pauses, general crazy behaviour

Hi all, we have multiple problems. Any insight appreciated. I noticed that the home point was set way off in space but the RTL point should have be reset when armed.

  1. Flight 1 in the middle of a survey mission the drone decides to return the first point in the grid, there is hovers around and finally the pilot does RTL. Also at the first grid waypoint the drone backs up and tries again to get to the waypoint when it was within the radius already.

  2. Flight 2 (same mission restarted) the drone achieves more waypoints but then decides to just float away.

  3. All flights ever since 3.6.9 the flight to the first way point in the grid is achieved and the drone makes a nice arc to the next as it should. However at the next way point it goes until it stops right on the way point then does a crazy yaw turn to face the next way point as you can see. This is inefficient and not pleasant to watch.

Here is a link to download the tlogs


Any help greatly appreciated.