Mission Planner SITL (Plane) - Great tool, too many "bugs"

The idea of having an Simulation option in Mission Planner is great. However, it seems very buggy. 3D accel calibration warnings are often present, and the plane moves while disarmed. My main use of the SITL is for mission planning and verifying flight routes, mission commands and their behaviour. Is there a way to ensure that the SITL is less “real life like” and doesnt include a handful of error messages that inhibit the ability to arm and take-off?

It’s an amazing tool otherwise… :slight_smile:


I am not really used to the way MissionPlanner is loading parameters, normally default SITL instance should have a set of parameter to pass accels and compass checks.
If you want some simpler simulation, you can use EKF_TYPE 10 that will bypass the internal EKF and use the simulation output directly. That will make the simulation way simpler and a bit much faster at a cost of losing some fidelity

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