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I am attempting to map some buttons on my USB controller (Gamepad F310) to the “Set Mount” function. I am using this to pivot a Fatshark camera gimbal to neutral and retracted.

However, under “Settings” for the “Set Mount” function, the drop-down box that should allow me to choose “Retract”, “Neutral”, etc. has no items in the drop-down box.

Does anyone have experience mapping a joystick button to this function? Here is a similar question looks like has not been resolved: Mapping a Joystick button to Set Mount

I am using the latest Mission Planner software on Windows. My vehicle is a custom-built quad running Copter 3.6 on a Pixhawk 1. The gimbal is a Fatshark that comes with the 700TVL CMOS camera.

Thanks for the help!

I’m trying to map some buttons on my USB controller (Gamepad F310) to mission planner
At the moment I have mapped two analog mini sticks for the 4 drone movements (roll-pitch-yaw-thr)…but I can’t map the flight modes. Can you tell me if anyone can help me with this.

  • My PC Logitech F310 joystick is set to “Xinput” games mode, not the older “DirectInput” games mode.
  • I am not using the Logitech “Profiler” Windows app (good for “DiectInput” mode, but not “Xiinput” mode).

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Nov '18

Hello all.

I am using a Logitech F310 joystick with mission planner and a Pixhawk.
the Pixhawk is configured to work as a copter.