Mission Planner not detecting Maxbotix sonar for collision avoidance

I am currently trying to connect a Maxbotix I2C to a Pixhawk 1 through Mission planner (1.3.70).

I am able to read the data from the sonar in the “proximity” tab (from the temp window) however, in the status tab the sonarrange and sonavoltage are reading as zero.

Furthermore, I am also unable to connect the sonar through the range finder tab in the initial set-up tab. It is greyed out.

Can anyone explain to me what I’m doing wrong please?

Thanks in advance

Did you ever solve this. I have the same issue with the tf mini

Hi Ricky,

No unfortunately not. Turns out we were using the wrong Pixhawk (Version 1). To use the sense and avoid function it looks like you need to use the Pixhawk Cube. Unless, of course you write in your own code

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