Mission Planner Mission Behaviour

See below image and please help me to understand behavior

it should got to the first waypoint. Home isn’t a waypoint

Ok and there it should adjust altitude defined for that way point, right?
and then continue to other way points and land to home, Correct?

In your mission, the vehicle goes to the first waypoint, then 2,3,4, and then it goes to the home location and land. The frame is really not important since you have a short mission you should set the frame of the mission item correctly. The first three waypoints will be navigated based on terrain (because you set them like that) and other waypoint (4th) is relative altitude frame. Also, if you are new to these kinds of operations, 100 meters is too high. I just wanted to warn you if you are not 100% confident about your vehicle :slight_smile:

Yes, I am planning first time, i set unit feet so kept 100. is that ok?

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I am a metric guy so sorry about that :slight_smile:. Any height is OK if you have eagle eyes. Just keep it at height that you are able to see clearly and intervene when necessary. Once you trust your vehicle after some test flights you can do anything you want. Sky is the limit. 100feet is about 30 meters so you will be fine.

Everyone should be. Metric is the native unit in Ardupilot so it’s a wise move to stay in metric units and just deal with it. I wish Imperial/US Customary units would go away. And I’m in the US.

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Sure i shall do, thanks for advice.