Mission Planner Failsafe and Unhealthy AHRS

Hey all,

i want to start a SITL in Mission Planner but i have problem with Failsafe Mode and Unhealthy AHRS. I have tried some parameter changes etc. but i can’t solve it.

Can anybody help me maybe ?

Here i have the logfile (.bin)

2021-09-23 14-27-37.bin (670 KB)

  1. Did you fully calibrated all your sensors?
  2. Are you using a stable, or a recent ArduCopter version?
  3. How many GPSs do you have?
  4. Which ones? do they have a good signal?
  5. do you have metal in the near of the place you want to arm?
  6. Did you read the troubleshooting documentation?
  7. Are all your pre arm checks active?