Mission planner fails to connect sik radio

Hi everyone I´m a newbie, from argentina working in a rover project with chairwheels and pixhawk.
I´m trying to connecto the sik radios to mission planer and I fail with the message
"the maximum baud rate for the device is 9464 parameter name:baudRate"
If I change the connection baudrate in mission planner to lower baudrates and I get a timeout error "no heartbeat packets received"
The com port in pc is working ok
I updated the firmware in both radios, and I reinstalled mission planner also, and the radios drivers (silicon labs cp210x usb to uart bridge) working in com10
I have the rover radio connected to serial 1 in pixhawk
i checked the parameter SERIAL1_BAUD and it is in 57

the curious thing is i can connect radios in qgroundcontroll and in tower(android) and work pretty well
any suggestions?

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please downgrade the driver you are using for the silicon labs chip

just crosslinking for future posts