Mission Planner 1.3.46 Live Calibration

Hello !! I have updated my Mission Planner as automatically asked , from 1.3.45 to 1.3.46 . In the display Mandatory Hardware -> Compass , I see that the field Mission Planner Mag Calibration and principally the button Live Calibration
allowing access to it , has disappeared . Is this normal ? ( I’m using MP on W10).Thanks.

If you use the wisard you will see the old way

I am having the same issue with my Y6 copter. Mission planner version3.4.6. The “live calibration” has disappeared from the screen. Any help would be really appreciated.


I was on the compass calibration page today by chance to calibrate my new build.

I think the “live calibration” has been replaced by “onbard calibration” with the upgrade to FW 3.4.6 - the expectation is to use onboard calibration now - which you also start from that page, just with a different button. Procedure is similar though.