MISSION Continuation in AUTO mode

If I am flying a Mission, and all waypoints are set to 100M, then, between waypoints 2 & 3, switch to loiter and manually climb vertically to 200M, then switch back to AUTO.

Will the copter-

  1. Descend at an angle toward the 100M altitude at waypoint 3?
  2. Fly at 200M until it gets to waypoint 3, at which point it will descend to 100M?
  3. Immediately decend to 100M before proceeding to waypoint 3?
  4. Something else?

Will it do the same thing in the horizontal plane? That is, if I am flying a mission and switch to Loiter at waypoint 2, move 500M sideways, and then switch back to Auto, will it simply fly a straight line from where it is to waypoint 3? Or will it go back to waypoint two (where I changed the mode) and then go to waypoint 3?

I have the FC programmed to ‘continue with mission’ not restart it.

I would assume that it would follow the behaviour detailed here, in that it will change altitude on the way.

But what you ask is a valid one, as this scenario has not been specifically covered in the example that I could see.

And I hate to use assume, so if anyone knows for sure please enlighten us.

It will fly a straight line (in 3D) to the next waypoint. Depending on settings, if copter orientation (yaw) has changed during the loiter phase, it won’t reset it until reaching the next WP.

Thank you! That is exactly what I want it to do.