Missing BATTERY_CAPACITY Param in 3.6.7, stuck in M.P

I’m not sure where to post this as it could be a 3.6 bug or a Mission Planner bug.

I’m using Mission Planner 1.3.64

F.C. is a Pixracer detected as PX4v4, running arducopter 3.6.7

Using the setup wizard, after calibrating compass and clicking OK:

Error message just as it starts to load Params: “Missing BATTERY_CAPACITY, something is wrong”.
I click OK, then it loads the other Param1 data.

In Battery Monitor, I selected 3: PX4 (also tried 4: Pixhawk ), then NONE for sensor, and 2200 for Battery size (also tried other sizes).

When I click “next”, I get an error message: “Failed to set battery size, please check your input”.

And it’s stuck there at Battery Monitor setup. I tried the wizard over and over. No good. Even restarted. Even reinstalled 3.6.7. So, I can’t move on from there to continue the rest of the setup.

Any ideas, or is this a bug? Maybe I’d have better luck installing an earlier version like 3.6.6 or 3.6.5, etc?

I am not new to Mission Planner. I first used it 4 years ago. But the computer I used for it died, so I installed a more modern version on another computer today. Also, in the past, I used Mini-APM’s, but I want to do Throw mode with a special project so I needed to get a different FC of similar size to run the more modern firmware for Throw mode.

I had this exact same problem a couple days ago when setting up a Kakute F7 AIO. I was able to work around it somehow. I think I just canceled at that point, reconnected, and then I was able to access the mandatory items individually. I didn’t try to reproduce it, or figure anything out as I got it up and flying and figured it was my fault somehow. Sorry I can’t be more help, but you’re not the only one that has had this problem.

Need to pick “none” for the sensor to get past that screen, it won’t accept any input in battery capacity.