Missing Arming Check bitmask

I have the latest beta update installed and have yet to see ARMING_CHECK behave properly (since the parameter list rework).

I just connected to my mower running a not-too-dated 4.4-dev variant, and no dice.

I’ll try a full reinstall sometime, but it isn’t hampering productivity, and I need to get some stuff done this weekend.

hi, I also have this problem that the mask Arming Check /Log bitmask to select the various options you wanted no longer appears … the selection via boxes … windows worked out very well for us beginners.
Even though I have updated MP they don’t appear to me Log-Bitmask/Arming_Check
Mission Planner 1.3.80 Build 1.3.8553.12290

Not being able to get the Arming Check /Log bitmask mask .I canceled the mission planner program and I reinstalled the latest version…and in this case both windows appear… then i proceeded to update this version to the beta it told me to be there. After this update, the two masks no longer appeared to me. So I deleted MP again to do a fresh install with the latest version…and so the masks appear again. Conclusion in my case is to upgrade to the beta version which does not make me appear the two masks.

The missing arming check bitmask checkboxes are still a major issue for me, especially since lately some models refused to arm due to NO TERRAIN DATA or even TERRAIN DISABLED. I have no idea how to disable only Terrain pre-arm checks without the checkboxes, it’s not very handy in any case to figure out a bitmask in the field.

I reinstalled MP and the checkbox re-appeared. But as soon as I upgraded to the latest beta (which is, as far as I know, recommended when using latest), it was gone again. Maybe it’s tied to the additional parameter tree on the left, which is new and only in betas?

Is it this version of Beta (Build 1.3.8585.8810)

Yes, exactly that one.

I have seen the same problem you are reporting and honestly do not know why if functions properly for awhile and then doesn’t. For now the desktop and the laptop I use on the latest Beta are working correctly.

For me it hasn’t been working at all since I came out of RC hibernation in March or April. Well, maybe I could try having 2 parallel installs, both at home and on the field laptop - Latest only to set arming options and Beta for everything else. Is there a separate Beta installer and would it work in parallel? My guess would be no. :wink:

We can all use ARMING_CHECK,1 unless there’s some special situation.
It’s easy enough to calculate a new value if we have to - yell out if you need help.

The reason it annoys me is looking at other peoples logs and trying to decipher what they were thinking with strange arming check bitmasks :frowning:

Ok, what’s the magic number for “Everything but Terrain”?

Until these Terrain arming checks started to prevent me from taking off, I also used “1” all the time. I used to have “No Terrain Data” errors before, on craft which definitely had Terrain Data, which was annoying, but never kept me from flying. Now I had to use “0” (set it in the field by laptop/tablet) in order to launch, which doesn’t feel good/safe. I also disabled Terrain for now, to avoid any problems (I don’t really need it, no mountains here).

This should work


And just in case:
RTL_ALT_TYPE,0 (default but you never know)

Here’s a Google Drive spreadsheet to calculate the ARMING_CHECK bitmask so you don’t have to maintain two copies of Mission Planner.

Google Drive - ARMING_CHECK Spreadsheet

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When I tried that earlier today, I saw a prearm warning (at home, on OSD, without trying to actually arm) about Terrain being disabled. So I’m now worried even disabling Terrain might not be enough. Maybe that message depended on some other option still being enabled, no idea.

Fantastic, thanks a lot!

Uh, I just realized that neither in the sheet nor in MP there is an entry called “Terrain”… Now I really am confused. The messages that kept me from flying definitely were like “PREARM: Terrain…” I’ll be checking the OSD videos now, it’s been a few weeks since last flight.

TERRAIN_ENABLE=0, as Shawn pointed out.

Sorry, I only just saw this thread. I have done a fix,


Thanks for this! It’s been dogging us for awhile.

:rofl: well it could be annoying but I dont know about dogging - maybe you are using the wrong method to set your bitmask. The UK meaning of dogging sprang to mind, in case there’s another meaning