Minipix and SU04 sensor isn't working ardupilot versions except v3.5.7

Hello everyone,

I have a quite old drone setup created by Radiolink which is with Minipix and SU04 sensors. When I change the version of Ardupilot, it is not working. I have made some research and I see that these sensors are not supported later v3.5.7. I have been trying to write a sensor driver for this sensor. But it even doesn’t have a detailed datasheet. Where can I find v3.5.7 Ardupilot libraries? And get that sensor drivers via this way I can add it to the latest version of Ardupilot.

I am doing this because Ardupliot is improved a lot after v3.5.7. It is old-fashioned. And also I don’t want to throw away this setup because it can fly indoor with these 6 axes oriented and located SU04 sensors. But it is slow and not good enough. And I can’t even control the parameters that the board has because the latest version of Missionplanner is not supporting it also. You need to have v1.3.49.6 or close versions of Missonplanner. If I can manage it I will also upgrade it with an orange cube or a similar level of flight controller.

If we couldn’t find libraries, can someone help me to write a sensor driver? because it’s using I2C protocol so that is a little bit complicated.

Have a nice day to you all!

PS: I shared the only manual that I have found. Even Radiolink is deleted from their server this manual and datasheets.
SU04 Manual