minipix and heli 3.5.7

After completing swash set up a final check revealed that when tilting heli fwd and aft and left and right the swash is not correcting pitch and roll in the correct direction, no matter what i try i cannot correct this problem! Is there a setting in Mission Planner that i have missed? If i reverse the collective setting at ccpm settings the collective works in reverse so then i have to turn the blade grips over and all works as advertised and i have flown the model successfully! This model is a Blade 270 with 120 degree ccpm set to 0 +120 and -120.can you please advise.

Have you inserted the correct picture (nice machine btw) ?


That is a EC 145 on maintenance thought it may create a bit of interest ! How about that problem I have with servos correcting pitch and yaw the wrong way unless I reverse collective?