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Mini Talon QuadPlane Conversion

(Marc Dornan) #281

What I thought. I will do likewise.

We have only just started to get nice weather.

(cala2) #282

Looks like Cobra C-2814/16 1050Kv Brushless Motor is out to stock in the hole world :o anyone find them just now?

(Fpv 4 Life) #283

hey i start new project!!
There is an option you upload the final frimware?
and i only flash it to my px4 bard?

(Fpv 4 Life) #284

can you send it agin plase?

(Greg Covey) #285

Hi Hiam,

I am using the standard APM Plane v3.8.4. You can download it via Mission Planner directly into your Pixhawk v2.4.8.

Use this section for first time setup in Plane. Setup for Plane

Use this section for the first time setup in QuadPlane. QuadPlane Support


Greg C.

(Fpv 4 Life) #286

thanks ! im new to pixhawk i is away you can send me the file
and i can load or flash my pix?

(Greg Covey) #287

The firmware file for the Pixhawk v2.4.8 is automatically downloaded from Mission Planner. Use the link below to install Mission Planner and upload the firmware to the Pixhawk.

Mission Planner Overview

Loading Firmware

(Fpv 4 Life) #288

Thanks for answer!

Yes I know
What I’m try to say it’s impossible to make backup to ur pixhawk with all the settings and parameters?
That I’m only load file and all ur settings will be and I only plug and wiring the plane?

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(Fpv 4 Life) #289

Yes I know
What I’m try to say it’s impossible to make backup to ur pixhawk with all the settings and parameters?
That I’m only load file and all ur settings will be and I only plug and wiring the plane?

(Greg Covey) #290

In general, it is best to do your own setup and follow the wiki instructions for tuning your own vehicle. That being said, you can try using my parameter setup below as a starting point. My setup uses a Taranis X9D+ with an X8R receiver. Use the Full Parameter List screen in Mission Planner to Load/Save your settings.

GregsMiniTalonWithv383.param (16.2 KB)

(Fpv 4 Life) #291

This is great!!
It’s the same setup I have
I will load the file today
Thanks :pray:t3:

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(Fpv 4 Life) #292

Today will be a test!

(Marc Dornan) #293

Does anyone thing it would matter if I mounted my CF tubes on top of the Mini Talon fuselage instead of burying them in the fuselage? I am guessing it would not really matter, weigh-wise. That way I can more easily do a 3D printed part to allow then to be removed and re-attached.

(Greg Covey) #294


I can’t see it making a big difference as long as the mounts are not too high (in front of the wing) and are strong enough to hold to the fuselage.

Good luck!

(Marc Dornan) #295

Greg, I know the Perth UAV Mozzie had booms perpendicular to the body. But they were flat booms with racing quad motors. I opted for tubes and a DJI E310 set. Given that I am using a tube with much more frontal surface area and bigger motors would nit not make more sense to mount them parallel to the body under the wing? Did you notice any loss of lift and aerodynamic issues caused through turbulence?

(Greg Covey) #296


I have seen others mount the tube booms under the wing on the MT and it works fine. Some planes don’t have a strong enough wing to keep the booms from doing a see-saw motion so the recommendation was to mount the booms across the fuselage. On the MT, it doesn’t seem to matter.

I haven’t seen any aerodynamic issues on my MT QP. It seems to fly like it is on rails just like a normal MT.

I made another MT flight video yesterday when I was flying my FX-79 QP. I’ll post it soon…

(Marc Dornan) #297

Thanks. Attached the fuselage is definitely a more rigid configuration. So I will probably just do that. Shorter wires too.

(Greg Covey) #298

I flew my MT QP at a recent fun fly. It still flies great and I had fun staying airborne while others had to land early. The awesome Yaapu telemetry gives me voice updates on the battery level. Upon landing, I got pushed over to the far side of the field and simply hovered back to my station. I wasn’t using my video downlink, so the camera angle was offset, but added a few clips from a previous flight. Fun stuff!

(Daniel garrow) #299

I just made an order for parts to build one my self. I like the sunny sky motors so I went with the 2216-11 900kv with 9x4.5 3 blade props. I think I will use a li ion pack tho 4s 3p 15000mah about the same weight as his 8ah lipo but a bit more at 828 grams. My other vtol project is a bit bigger lol so I need something to practice with before I fly the big one.

(Daniel garrow) #300

I just started my build on the mini talon vtol and I don’t understand how you guys can place the motors so uneven with the CG. I’m using 9" props and to clear the trailing wing the carbon fiber tube had to be 11 1/2 inches back and forward of the CG . Even still I had to cut the wing to clear the props. If I had placed the arms where you guys did then the arms would not be evenly spaced from the CG and part of the wing would block the thrust of the props in the back. See pictures of how I placed mine. The CG needs to be in the same place for drone mode as well as plane mode and the rear props must clear the trailing edge. So 11 1/2 " from CG forward and back is where they stand. My props are 9x4.5x3 blade and are at the same level as the wing. The arms are 500mm . The front arms are just under the carbon fiber rod stiffeners in the fuselage witch is great for suport. I’m still waiting on the pixhawk to show up but I went ahead and setup the mount for it. I made it out of a carbon fiber plate. I’m still waiting for the pixhawk in the mail it’s taking forever to get here from china.