Mini Pix radiolink Failure and Flew Away to the moon

Hi guys!
Today something really interesting happend. I’ve build Quad on MiniPix FC, T-motor 45A ESC-s and with T motor f80 motors. Everything was fine about flying, i’ve done AutoTuning (went 100% fine), and on Loiter and AltHold Quad was flying perfectly.
I found out very interesting option called “Throw Mode”. Programed it and tested… WOW its amazing!
First, secound, third test and all works 100% perfect untill 4-th try (Quad was programed all the time to do RTH after Throw launch). I’ve armed Quad, put it into Throw Mode, turned motors on (Quad was playing this “ready to Throw” tune), so i throw it and HERE’s the problem.
Quad launched perfectly, level itself and turn throttle on 100% up and just flew away!
No respond for radio commands. Changing modes? no resolts! Kill motor switch? Nah. Turning off radio to active Radio Link FailSafe? Nien nein nein no respond at all! :frowning:

Fortunatelly i was flying abowe fields and forrest but… What happend? What was the problem? How to avoid this situation?

PLS HELP i don’t wans to lose another Drone :frowning:

Sorry to hear that, that’s not good at all.

Do you have a telemetry log from the flight? I assume no FC log as you imply you never found the craft.

Unfortunatelly no log… FC is… somewhere xd and i didn’t have any telemetry reciver on Quad. Just RC link :frowning:

What firmware - from Radiolink?

Now I do not remember what the firmware version was. I definitely made a mistake using the usual mission planner, not as I should with the mission planner for radio link. Maybe this was the reason for the drone escaping.

Hello, this has exactly happened to me the same. previously i had that the conector of the power cable powerboard was released. poor soldering. the drone had not come down hard then. I contacted radiolink. they kept putting them back together and testing them. I did this. tested everything through mission planner nothing wrong. when I performed the test flight, exactly the same thing happened as described here. nothing could be controlled anymore. the damage is only 125 euros but radio link takes no responsibility at all. not for their faulty soldering soldering and not for the result of their advice. the Minipix was new and only had 2 successful flights, then it became a mess without anything having changed.The frame of the copter is damaged a FPV rechiever, and OSD, 1 engine, and a plug defect. at radiolink they no longer reply to my mail. advice no longer buy a radiolink factory warranty is 0

Good to know. At least I already know that the error was not on my side only on the manufacturer’s side. It is a pity that they have this approach to the customer. Low price - low quality. It is better to pay extra and buy something better.

I want to pay more for a good flight controller. unfortunately you can no longer see the forest for the trees. what is really on it is often a chineseclone. nothing is wrong with the original pixhawk, but where can you buy it guaranteed that there is no clone?

You’re right here. There are already so many pixhawk producers that it is not known which to take. I use PX4 and Pixhawk 2.1 from profiCNC and I’m happy with these controllers. However, I needed a small controller and the choice fell on minipix from radiolink. I have one more and now I’m afraid to use it.

exactly as with me. so i have the same problem i have 2 hexacopters with px4 flying fine. I have two quad copter’s with radiolink minipix that must now stay on the ground. and if the manufacturer were to be helpful. You cannot expect anything from Radiolink. they promise safety in their minipix product it is not safe. the quad that ran off weighed 4 kilograms. what if this crashes wrong?

there was nothing wrong with the radiolink see video during different test.I still do not understand why the control was completely gone. no signal loss landing set worked this turned on.

I was fine until I started testing the throw mode. In turn, the drone stabilized during one of the tests and the engines began to spin at maximum speed. I could not do anything. RTL, LAND and stick modes did not work. Even in desperation, I turned off the transmitter, but that didn’t help either. It promised to be so beautiful …

with me exactly the same my fashion was stable