Mini Pix Problem

**What is your status? ā€¦ Did you get your drone going yet? ā€¦

Hello Doug i have finely found some time to work on my quad again after trying 3 diferend usb cable i can connect the mini pix to mp but no i keep getting the prearm mesage that i have to calibrate my acells and i have them calibrate 5 time i think do you have any sugestions
Krg Rob

I am very sorry for not responding ā€¦ since Oct 2019 - Apparently my email did not send me a notification of your response. Iā€™m glad you have it fixed and hopefully flying now ā€¦ Pleased with the feedback from others that could help you resolve your MiniPix.
Take care and happy flying ā€¦

Hi Doug, thank for adviced. I have a problem same him(Francisco). I will try do anything from your adviced. :blush:

i am building a x-uav mini talon vtol tri copter i am building it using itsqv (markq) 3d printed parts as a guide ,i have a mini pixhawk with gps 3dr rx minimum osd power mgnt unit with i2c expander i was going to use for this project but after seeing this thread i decided to open the box and try the mini pixhawk with mission planner glad i did when i plug the usb in it goes to a configuration screen that says disarm quad before making changes?how can i disarm ?theres nothing but the board plugged into the flight control?i am using the standard mission planner not downloaded from the radiolink site,any ideas ?i think i am going to buy the matek wing and use it in the mini talon that is what the original build was so . is there anyone or place(company) out there that has soldering skills that i can ship the board to pay them and i get the board back with pins and wires soldered on?or is that just a dream? i would like to use the mini pix in one of my other models any help is greatly appreciated