Mini Pix ESC Calibration


I run into a problem calibrating the ESC’s.
Maybe some ran into a similar problem.

See video here: Link

Regardless of the ESC_Calibration param number (except the 0),
the FC blinks blue and red on startup indicating it is ready for esc calibration,
but then turns into yellow, green blinking and I am not able to calibrate the ESCs.

I dont know what to do at this point, and maybe someone has an Idea what could be done?

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The blue and red on startup is probably the gyro calibration. The ESC calibration is normally blue, red and green although it can depend upon the flight controller.

It’s necessary to do the RC calibration once before the ESC calibration can be done. So maybe this is a new board and the RC calibration hasn’t been done yet?

The ESC calibration will also not work if the MOT_PWM_TYPE is set to "Brushed’… which is probably not relevant but just mentioning it anyway.

Hi rmackay9,

thank you for your answer and tips.
I did the RC calibration before and chjecked the MOT_PWM_Type. It is set to normal.

The flight controller is a Radio link mini pix.

Do you have any other I ideas? Iam open to anything at this point.


Could you try setting:


That should definitely run the “auto” ESC calibration in which it raises the throttle output to high for 5 seconds or so and then lowers it.