Middle of the flight throttle dropped to 1155us


Two days ago I had a crash with VTOL fixed wing.

Preliminary Information: It is a VTOL fixed wing type UAV. The vehicle has a Pixhawk orange cube autopilot. (Plane 4.1.3) I’m using a FUTABA T10J remote controller. The receiver was Futuba. RC and receiver communicate via SBUS.

Event: I took off vertically with the RC. I was using it in Qstabilize mode. The vehicle was at 12m altitude and hovered with the quadcopter motors. Suddenly the vehicle quickly reduced the altitude. By the way, I increased the throttle to 100%. I’m an experienced user, I’d like to add that too. It crashed to the ground.

Then I looked to the LOG. Somehow the throttle dropped to 1155us.(RCIN Channel3) I never gave such a command from the RC.

I hope someone can help me understand why.

LOG file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UBBzJ3mz9jkSofFSUzPsDAwFSYB5mvO3/view?usp=sharing

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I hope someone can help me understand why.

The log is only reporting what the input was to the FC for that channel. The FC or ArduPlane has no way to influence that value. If the RCIN.C3 dropped, but you didn’t command it then you need to look at your radio, or the receiver. I see the other values (Pitch and roll) seem to be acting like they are still working normally.

question who come there is no rssi in the logs ?