MFE Fighter VTOL Crashed


Today when I was trying to autotune Make Fly Easy fighter vtol (Stock Propulsion System) it got crashed. Earlier did the autotune a couple of days back and it got succeded but PID values were not good so thought to do it again.

Before performing autotune I have done Dynamic + static Notch filtering to reduce Vibrations for better autotune.
After the crash when I was trying to retrieve logs using an SD card and noticed a very strange thing. The card was showing random data and there was only one log that was of autotuning and is renamed as 001 and all other logs were vanished.

Kindly check the log and help me figure out what went wrong. @tridge @rmackay9 @hwurzburg @GregCovey @makeflyeasy

Hi Akshay,

Sorry to hear about your crash. I haven’t used QAutotune so I’m afraid I won’t be of any help. I am adding @Rolf to the list since he is currently building an MFE Fighter and may run the QAutotune feature in the future.

I am using the stock Fighter PIDs from MFE without any issue.


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