Methodically configure and tune ArduCopter for professionals - Mixed on-line/in-presence Workshop at IAV GmbH

Join us for a hands-on workshop tailored for both UAV DACH members and non-members who are eager to gain practical knowledge in utilizing the ArduCopter framework as a multicopter control system. Explore the intricacies of unmanned aerial systems and enhance your skills in this interactive session. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the world of ArduCopter technology with us!


ArduCopter offers a robust framework for managing multicopter drones, utilizing modern STM32 hardware as its foundation. This comprehensive workshop guides participants through the intricate process of establishing a multicopter system using the ArduCopter framework. It delves into the intricacies of configuring initial values, installing hardware components, and fine-tuning various parameters for optimal performance, with a particular focus on safe robust flight in windy conditions and achieving precision landings.

The workshop seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical applications, allowing participants to directly apply their understanding to the provided hardware or their own multicopter systems if they choose to bring them. Throughout the training, participants gain a deep understanding of multicopter control methods and become proficient in the specific setup intricacies of the ArduCopter system. ArduPilot’s MethodicConfigurator software will be used and explained.

The workshop accommodates a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 participants, ensuring an interactive and personalized learning experience. It will be in English. Participants have the option to either bring their own ArduCopter-based multicopter or use the provided systems for practical exercises. By the workshop’s conclusion, participants will possess a comprehensive skill set and knowledge base, equipping them to navigate the complexities of multicopter controls and confidently configure ArduCopter setups.


Workshop is provided by Dr. Amilcar Lucas, IAV GmbH. Dr. Amilcar Lucas is an ArduPilot developer since 2011.

Target group

Workshop is open to UAV DACH members and non-members who want hands on knowledge in using an ArduCopter framework as multicopter control system.


Zoom on-line metting and in presence at Rockwellstraße 12, 38518 Gifhorn, Germany
Within walking distance to Gifhorn’s Train station.


16.04.2024 from 9:30 to 17:30 Berlin time


UAV DACH members 500 € (plus VAT)
Non-members 800 € (plus VAT)
includes drinks, workshop presentation, software and hardware needed to practice, documentation.
Own systems to practice may be included in the workshop.


  • Preparation: pre readings to introduce the ArduCopter methodology
  • One-day workshop from 9:30 – 17:30 Berlin time including breaks
  • Introduction in multicopter control methods
  • Hands on tuning of a multicopter with ArduCopter framework
  • Presentation of the effects and correlations of the individual setting values
  • Tuning of ArduPilot for specific applications

Due to regulations and safety measures, test flight cannot be performed during the workshop.


Register with the UAV DACH office by sending an email to


There are still available seats.

Hi @amilcarlucas,
Sry to have come seen this workshop late, and I would like to attend this workshop but I can’t get my Visa processed in this time. If you are recording/streaming this workshop, please share details if possible.

with regards,

Good news, we decided to move the Workshop to a later date and will be holding it in English.
I will publish the new date tomorrow.

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Oh! got lucky here. Thanks for the reply.

The new date is 16.04.2024 please share with your colleagues

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didn’t you say 16.04.2024 earlier? [is now corrected]

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I will teach how to install and use the GitHub - ArduPilot/MethodicConfigurator: A clear ArduPilot configuration sequence software at the workshop

Nice enjoyed the information wonder if anyone does zoom meets even if there paid to fully grasp how to tune? I must admit I still struggle with the process tuning two drones for the film industry.

Due to popular demand we will be offering a Zoom meeting on-line option.
So it will be a mixed event, both in presence and on-line attendance are possible.

Register as soon as possible so that we can better plan the event, and because it is a first-come first-served registration with limited places.

Zoom meeting I would be interested , how do we register for online workshop


Just send an email to UAV DACH


Email sent Thank You!!