Merging modes on one channel

I’m wondering if there is a way to get a secondary mode selection with multiple PWM values on one channel (Like channel 5 for example)? I am setting up my Taranis and considering the amount of 3-position switches it has it would be cool to assign one switch to do, for example, RTL and Land, all on one channel. Now, I’ve set it up so the switch triggers 2 separate channels with RcX_option for them set to RTL and Land. But is there a way to do that on one channel instead?

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The usual setup is to have a 3-position and 2-position switch combined to
give six possible flight modes on two switches. It isn’t unusual to have
RTL on a separate two-position switch.


I was not talking about primary mode selection, I was asking about combining modes on the other channel as well. Like, as I mentioned before, RTL and Land, would go nicely on a single switch, or Brake and Sport etc.

If the modes are in the Chan Option list then this is simple. Just assign 2 positions of a switch to 2 channels and configure those channels for the options you want. RTL, Land and Brake are available options, Sport and other flight modes are not.

But I think what he’s asking is to assign a PWM value to a function for ONE channel…
So channel 10 pwm 1000 = off
channel 10 pwm value 1500 = RTL
channel 10 pwm value 2000 = land.

That’s not currently possible, but would be a great addition… There are never enough channels!

This is FrSky specific but I think this might be what you’re looking for:

Ah, so more channels operating like the 6-range mode channel?

No need to special case channel 5, or hardware it to six functions. The way Betaflight does this works really well IMO.

I think that’s what he’s saying, and that’s definitely something I’d like to see.
Even if we just assume it’s never going to be more than 3 options… But for every channel to be able to set a high-mid-low value function.
I’ve never got enough channels or switches! (I’m using a little x-lite transmitter w/ only 4 switches, and crossfire, which only supports 12 channels, and would definitely like to use more functions! I’d love to have save trim and autotune on one switch, for example… They’re both things I do a lot while tuning a new copter)

The problem with that it the FC would always be in either Trim or AutuTune.

With that being said, this is not the proper place to ask questions about how to set up a radio.

No, mid or low would be off. then the other two positions would be tune and trim. It’s definitely possible.

And this is indeed the forum where we answer support questions, including how to set up radios… and this thread is specifically about using multiple functions on one channel…

This is an arducopter issue, not a radio issue. As Anthony pointed out, we can already do this in BF… Chose any channel, choose any PWM range, for every function. You can use one channel for multiple functions, etc. Only issue is we have a LOT more functions in ardupilot.

this is a nice use case for the new scripting functionality coming soon, if we did it with parameters it would add hundreds.

Thanks guys,
I was talking about more channels like the 6-mode channel, yeah.


This is something we’ve discussed a lot :slight_smile:

Sure it is possible, Just assign 1 Option channel to 1 RC channel and to a switch position, and the other Option channel to another switch position.

I have as an example:
On ArduPilot
Option Channel 7-RTL
Option Channel 8-Land

On the X9D

Switch G
Low- Channel 7 and Channel 8 =1000
Mid - Channel 7=2000
High- Channel 8=2000

But having multiple choices per RC channel would be the best solution, because we can’t “survive” with only 16 channels (well 10 :slight_smile: )

What you are doing is pretty much what I’ve done - used 2 channels on one switch. I want 2 (or 3) modes on one channel, and that’s apart of original 6-mode channel.

Help me “twist” @peterbarker arm :slight_smile:


BTW, does anyone else have Ch7 and ch8_opt greyed out in Mission planner? I had to go to full parameter list and find RC7 and RC8 in there to get them set up.

Yes, this would be the “virtual switches tables” stuff, right?

So an RC channel gets an option value of “virtual switch one”, and we have
a set of parameters for virtual switch one (RC_VS1_MIN1, RC_VS1_MAX1,

OTOH, we’d still be limitting the number of options that can be triggered
on a channel by the number of *_OPT? virtual switch parameters.

OTOOH, it would let you trigger multiple options if the ranges

Perhaps scripting is a better way of doing it?

This happens typically when the firmware Rev you are using is ahead of Mission Planner and the added feature or change in parameter hasn’t been adressed yet.