Measure the time from disarm switch until the motors really stop?

maybe with log file but how??

Take a look at the STAT_* parameters. They are read-only and provide flight time.

where can i find them in the parameter section? I use QGC

look at your log and look at the difference in time from when you disarm to when the vibrations stop.

now im not sure what you mean lol do you want the time from arming till the motors stop or the time from disarming using the arming switch till the motors stop.

what I need is the time from when the switch is pressed until the rotors STOPS turning. Is there a way to determine the travel time of the signal to the receiver? After that the FC realizes that I am arming and then stops the motors. I would very much like to determine this complete time. Unfortunately I am still a beginner. Which logs do I have to tick the to record. there are very many that you can select to record parameters.

When you arm the motors will not stop.
Do you mean disarm?

sry yes. what i mean is when the drone is flying, then falling down like a stone.

So the time between activating the "Motor emergency stop (31) function and the motors stop spinning?

You can only do that if your ESCs have telemetry.

exactly. the time till the disarm switch of my RC is pushed till the motors immediately stops. this time is what i need.

There is no disarm switch! There is only the above mentioned “Motor emergency stop” function.

you need ESC telemetry to monitor the RPM of the propellers or you could look at the IMU and see when the vibrations stop.

@amilcarlucas you can arm and disarm with the arm switch.

where can i find the esc telemetry

But can you disarm while flying using that switch?

of course you can. but you habe to configure it in flight modes

you need ESCs that support telemetry like Blheli_32.

ESC telemetry is stored in the dataflash logs in the ESC[x].rpm fields, if you have ESC telemetry and it is properly connected and configured.

yes you can disarm, its a popular way to do it with smaller machines like racing quads. but i still use rudder disarm on camera platforms so i dont turn it off by mistake.

OK, so I’ve learned something today.

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i have the holybro QAV 250 drone with 2206/KV2300 motors.
can they do it?