Maximum allowed Rally points?

I’m trying to figure out the maximum number of rally points that can be set for Copters. I know there was a limit of 6 with APM 2.x hardware. Whats the maximum number of rally points I can set with a cube?

From going through /libraries/StorageManager/StorageManager, comment says Pixhawk supports up to 46 Rally Points but, I am getting “failed to upload rally points” error on MP if I try to upload more than 13 rally points.
I’m using Copter-3.6.2 with MP version 1.3.59.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you


I’m afraid that I don’t have an answer but perhaps other will. I also looked at the StorageManager class and it looks to me like it should support 46 rally points.

I suspect one of a few reasons why you’re only allowed to upload 12:

  • bug in MP (if another GCS allows uploading more that would prove it’s an MP issue)
  • incorrect firmware is being loaded to the vehicle. in particular for the Pixhawk boards with the 1MB limit we upload a smaller firmware. Perhaps that firmware has a lower limit
  • some other issue in AP

Sorry i can’t be of more assistance. If we can’t get to the bottom of this and other people are seeing the same limitation then I think raising an issue in the issues list is the way to go.

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I can try two things:

  1. Try uploading rally points via QGC and see if I get the same problem
  2. Use stock Copter3.6.2 firmware. The firmware I used was a custom version of few of my changes rebased on to 3.6.2.

I will try these and get back. Thank you for the help, @rmackay9.

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Hi Randy,

So, I was successfully able to upload 46 rally points but, the error “failed to upload rally points” sporadically appears. Trying again works.

Thanks for looking into this. Was it using the stock firmware or using QGC that resolved the issue?

I used both the stock firmware and the custom version which had the same result. This was using MP. For some weird reason, QGC says “Rally points not supported”. I was using QGC v3.4.4. Any idea what I was doing wrong?

Thank you,

Ah, ok. So the original issue was just a sporadic one.

The issue with QGC is probably that we haven’t added support for the new rally point protocol from mavlink. I’m pretty sure it’s on the to-do list…

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