Maxbotic Ultrasonic Sensor Integration Issue

Hi @ppoirier Sir,

I’ve come across your posts regarding Maxbotic sensor integration, and it seems you have valuable insights on this matter. I’m encountering a similar challenge with my MB1040 LV-MaxSonar-EZ4 sensor. From what I’ve gathered on discussion forums, it appears to have an inverted signal, which is causing issues with my Pixhawk 6c direct integration.

I’m reaching out to seek your guidance on how to effectively integrate this sensor with my system.

Thank you! Really looking forward to your response.


Looking at the specifications it looks pretty standard

Just connect sensor TX to FC RX and set serial port and rangefinder accordingly

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Hey! @ppoirier

Thank you so much for the reply, After your suggestion I have crossed check everything, Connection is good. I have connected Sensor Tx to the Pixhawk TeleM3 port Rx, Vcc and ground to the TeleM3 port first pin and last pin.

Serial5_Protocol = 9
Serial5_Braud = 9
RNGFND1_Type = 13
PRX1_Type = 4

Still it is not working, I have tried the TF lidar and it was working proper without any issues.
Serial output from MB1040-000: asynchronous, logic-level, inverted, 9600 bps 8N1
What is inverted mean here? do I have to use the inverter with this sensor?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

I remember where if found the inverted signal spec, that was on Pololu site.

If it is the case, you need to place a signal inverter circuit in the line. Inverter can be a chip or a simple transistor. We use inverter for some SBUS receiver.

Depending on the FC, you can set the serial port to read inverted signal, look at the serial port options.

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Thanks Again! I will check it out. I have never used anything like this before, so for me it would be new experience

Actually that’s what I am looking. I am using Pixhawk 6C as FC, how can I set the serial port to read inverted signal? That would be much better.

Looking forward to your response. Again! thank you so much for the help

WIKI is your friend… look for serial options.

Good Luck

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Good… as for gimbal you should once again look at the WIKI

If there is something you nee help with, just open an issue on the forum but dont mention me personnaly as I dont work much with gimbal but other can certainly help.

But I repeat, read WIKI first as ther is a lot of valuable information and we dont have to repeat over and over again

Good Luck

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Okay Sir! Thanks, It was really nice discussing with you.

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Hello @ppoirier Sir,

I hope you’re doing well. My Maxbotic sensor is working fine, and I have a couple of questions. Firstly, I’d like to know what other functions I can perform with a downward-facing sensor besides height control, landing, and low-level terrain following.

Secondly, I’m interested in creating something similar to optical flow using a Pi camera and Maxbotic for indoor flight in non-GPS environments. To do this, I understand that I need to calculate ground velocity. Could you recommend a library or provide guidance on how to achieve this?

I’m looking forward to your insights. Thank you!