Maxbitics ultrasonic sensor with beaglebone blue in Ardrover

I am running Ardurover on beaglebone blue.
How can i interface Ultrasonic sensor with this setup?
Any help?


There is documentation on the wiki on how to configure the sonar’s we support. I’m not sure what specific sensor your using.

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks for the reply.
I am using Maxbotics MB1240 Sonar sensor. There is documentation with pixhawk i found but not with beaglebone blue.
Can you please elaborate ?


The BBBlue should work in exactly the same way as the other ArduPilot hardware platforms. If you follow the wiki instructions it should work. Are you having a specific problem?

Thanks, Grant.

I am just confused the connection and settings for BBBlue. Other platform is having a dedicated port for its connection.
Can you please share the link document or wiki page that shows its connection and setup with BBBlue?



You need to assing the TTY port to the FC Serial ‘‘logical’’ port according to these instruction son Mirko’s github:

Parameter mapping:

start parameter ArduPilot serial port
Check to set the right value for SERIALx_BAUD and SERIALx_PROTOCOL

And then you assign the correct device to the port:

And you start ArduPilot like this example:
sudo /home/debian/arducopter -B /dev/ttyO5 -C /dev/ttyO4

so you have assigned:
MAVBOTIC SERIAL output connected on BBBlue /dev/ttyO4 and sending signal to SERIAL1
GPS connected on BBBlue /dev/ttyO5 and sending signal to SERIAL3

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I have started my rover with
sudo ./ardurover -C udp:IP_ADDRESS:14550. I have connected my MB1242 Sonar (i2c based) with the I2C port of beaglebone blue.
That means should i start the rover with -B /dev/ttyO5 parameter also for Sonar data? I am using APMPlanner2.

Its done. I am able to get the Sonar value.
Thanks for the support.

My explanation was for the mb1240 -withe the serial interface - as you mentionned on the beginning. The mb1242 is I2C and does not require serial port mapping. Glad it worked :wink:

Oh my bad.

Also can you please help me in waypoint navigation steps?
What i am doing is in APMPlanner, i want to have waypoint navigation without GPS. I have attached my two Quadrature Encoder (ky-040 rotary encoder).
I have set WENC_TYPE for quadrature encoder and did EKF3_enable with EKF2 disable.
After this i set my waypoint on map and change the mode as Auto mode.
I have also disabled the GPS option.
What else should i take care? Am i doing right?

The Rover 3.2 has just been released this week and its Beta on the PixHawk, so it is not yet implemented yet on the Blue.
Hopefully this will be done pretty soon , but we have to build the QuadEncoder Libraries and control DC Motors with the PRU using the onboard H-Bridge. Unfortunately , the Robotic Capes examples are not directly compatible with Ardupilot so we have to write it from scratch.

I am able to integrate Roboticscape library with Ardurover and running my DC motor with on-board H-Bridge of Beaglebone.
I am using Rover 3.2 and is having Quadrature libraries too. But if you are saying those are only for Pixhawk, so can i also integrate roboticscape quadrature encoder library with ardurover.
But not sure where to implement that for waypoint navigation.

If you can implement it, that would be fine, once its working with ArduPilot, the Odometry from the wheel encoders will be fused into the EKF for navigation.

Oh that will be Great.