Mavros with cube orange + not working


I am using cube orange+ to get imu_raw data to my laptop.

I have used Pixhawk4 before and was able to get the data on “/mavros/imu/data_raw” but not in cube orange+.

Although roslaunch mavros apm.launch was successfully running and i can see the topic list also but no data there.

Am i missing something? i am planning to order Pixhawk6C mini also but i am doubting if i get the same issue over there .

Please suggest.

@sharmarahul make sure to use the latest ArduCopter 4.4.4 version and an up-to-date mavros.

MAVROS produces the same result regardless of the flight controller hardware you have. So it is a software/configuration issue.

Hi @amilcarlucas ,

Thanks for the reply.
I updated firmware and it worked. But it is too random.
Sometime when GPS is not connected then it does not send the data. Sometime it gives data after few restarts.

Thanks for support.