[Mavros] Body rate control


I am using ROS + Gazebo + Arducopter SITL to run UAV simulations. Currently I control the uav by publishing AttitudeTarget messages with type_mask set on 7 (which ignores body rate commands).

I would like to control the UAV through a combination of body rates and thrust. However, in the documentation for SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET it says that body rate control is not supported.
I tried publishing AttitudeTarget messages with type_mask on 0 (nothing is ignored) / 128 (attitude is ignored) and body rates are indeed not being controlled.

The only mode which supports body rate control is ACRO mode. However, attitude setpoint messages are only considered in GUIDED or GUIDED_NOGPS mode and completely ignored in ACRO mode.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi @lmark,

I’m also trying to send data from gazebo to mavros.
I can send thrust to gazebo from topic RcOut but I’m still stuck at sending imu data from gazebo to sitl.
Have you made any progress in this path?

Thank you

any progress @lmark @lmark1 ?