stuck on MAV

a guy from the Facebook community told me my problem was he said “the error says your port is out of range. Look at your port, it’s got an extra 0.” that what he said well where should I look into my ports I think he’s talking about the serial2_port I think but I already set mine to serial2 to bind the connection.

i am having similar problem like her too . but when i type /dev/serial0 it is gets stuck at the same point
MAV>link 1 down
and my bluetooth is also off

my problem is >> I can read altitude position and other parameter but i cant change mode Stablize> to GUIDED or other by mavproxy command!
any one know about it???

Same problem for me also
But one time i got it some how work the next it started samething after that i am able make move after mav>link 1 down